Yannick Ngakoue getting restless with no trade yet

Jaguars pass rusher Yannick Ngakoue wants to be traded, and he’s not hiding his frustration that it hasn’t happened yet.

Shortly after Tom Pelissero of NFL Network reported that trade talks surrounding Ngakoue had been quiet, Ngakoue went on Twitter and directed a tweet at Tony Khan, the Jaguars’ senior V.P. and the son of owner Shad Khan. Ngakoue initially told Khan to “stop hiding.”

“I’m not in hiding sir, I’m in isolation getting ready for the draft. I’ve been pretty active on social media in isolation, but you wouldn’t know that since you unfollowed me (again),” Khan replied.

That didn’t sit well with Ngakoue, who went back at Khan with a longer response that included a clown face emoji.

“Since your feeling might today let’s both let the world in on the truth. We been had a discussion that the Chargers game was my last game. Yet you try to back door the situation without answering any of my camps calls. Smh you spoiled bra.. holding up people for no reason,” Ngakoue wrote. “Tired of the back and forth. Let’s get this s–t done.”

It appears to be a certainty that Ngakoue will be sent elsewhere before the season starts. When that will happen, no one knows.