Dad tries to conquer fear of heights with stepladder but falls off

Many of us are trying to pick up new hobbies amid the coronavirus lockdown but how many of us are trying to conquer a fear? Dad-of-four Alan Jeal has been trying to overcome his fear of heights in his back garden while in lockdown.

The 61-year-old decided to start small – with a stepladder to cut his garden hedge. Usually Alan is scared to go up just one or two rungs on the ladder and his sons cut the hedge.

But recently, unable to go to the betting shop, he decided to take up his wife Karen’s dare to climb the ladder.

She offered him £10 to jump off the ladder too but before he could muster the courage, Alan ended up falling off it, with his leg caught between the rungs.

Luckily he wasn’t hurt. But it’s unlikely he’ll be getting on a ladder again any time soon.

Since his youngest Scott, 29, posted the video on Facebook it’s gained more than 2,800 likes and 7,600 shares. The father from Wrexham said: ‘I am terrified of going up ladders – I can’t even go up two or three steps on a step ladder.


‘The lads have to cut the top of the hedge. ‘But as soon as I go up I start shaking, but I’d had a bit of dutch courage – I’d already had a couple of pints. ‘I was like, “look at this, I can go up to the top” and it didn’t bother me.’

The family had decided to have a bit of fun seeing as the weather was looking up and they couldn’t go to the pub as normal. So they decided to have a barbecue instead.

‘I didn’t even know my son was filming,’ added Alan. ‘I didn’t know that would happen – I just went to the top and I was gone.

‘I must have been in the hedge for 20 minutes – I was wedged, I couldn’t move. ‘These things happen – you don’t plan to do things like that because you could hurt yourself.

‘I was lucky really I didn’t hurt myself, I just got nettled a bit, that’s all.’