Family takes dinner up a level by dressing up every night during lockdown

Peter Borg-Neal and his family have been making the rest of us lockdown slobs look bad as they’ve committed to dressing for dinner every night – even pushing the boat out with themed costume ensembles.

Some of their dinner looks have been inspired by the likes of Tiger King, Peaky Blinders, Quentin Tarantino movies, steampunk, rugby, Oktoberfest and much much more. Anyone else utterly impressed that they had most of these outfits just lying around their house already? Snaps for these guys.

Featured in the pictures are Peter and his wife Megan Borg-Neal, Peter’s stepdaughter Helena Ellis, Helena’s boyfriend Matt Chennells, who chose to stay with the family for the duration of the coronavirus lockdown, and Megan’s godson Jonty Eslin.


‘We had a chat about it and said “Look, come on, let’s not live like this for the entire lockdown.

Let’s try and get dressed and you know, meet for a drink together, have dinner as a family and just have some kind of structure to life.” ‘So it was agreed.

Then we did it the first day, and everyone thought it was a good idea.

So I thought let’s have some fun tomorrow – we’ll dress up. Then it just kind of got out of hand and sort of developed a life of its own.

‘We started sharing it with people and they were enjoying it and then we came under pressure to keep on doing it! So we’ve done 23, 24 or so, and we’ll hope to do a few more.’

Before you go getting too intimidated by all these costume goals, Peter and his family have vowed to dress for dinner each night, but that doesn’t mean they’re going all-out with the costumes at every evening meal.

Peter said: ‘We’re not going to do every night because we’re just getting short of ideas! We’ve taken every Monday off, and then we’re going continue to do them and see how far we get.

‘There must come a point where we just run out of stuff. You know we have loads of things from festivals and parties and bits and pieces and then people sent us some stuff but, yeah, the cupboard is literally nearly bare.’


When it comes to where the family gets their ideas from, Peter said some have been inspired by what the family has lying around, but they’re also taking requests from friends on social media.

He told us: ‘For example one person recommended ‘rainbow’. I thought “Well how the hell do you do that?” ‘But someone saw that, sent us a message saying”I’ve got a Zippy suit and we’d like to send it over” so we did rainbow and it’s turned out to be about the most popular one so far.

‘And then somebody else said “Well, could you do Joe Exotic Tiger King?” I’d never heard of it! I looked at it on Netflix and thought “Oh my god. What is this? But we’ll give it a go.”

‘ The family’s next costumed dinner is going to be tonight, but Peter chose to remain tight-lipped about what their theme for the evening will be, saying they like to keep schtum ‘partly in case there are any last minute issues.’


Even though the family might not be wearing extravagant costumes every evening, Peter would still like to see the household putting effort into what they wear for dinner during the lockdown.

He told us: ‘Yeah, I think that the idea of dress-up doesn’t need to stick. We’ve not given up yet, we just don’t want it to become rubbish – we want to carry on while we’ve got enough ideas and enough clothing.

‘But the original principle needs to stay there and I think it’s a real good idea because otherwise life becomes a bit shapeless doesn’t it?’